Acne Consultation

Acne is one of the most challenging conditions to treat because there are so many variables. I am pleased to offer a comprehensive treatment program which has repeatedly proven successful in the management of long-term acne.  At this appointment, I will examine your skin, answer your questions and explain how my "Program" can help you.


Acne Consultation with Sensitivity Test

In this appointment, you will learn about acne, how the Program works, how pore clogging ingredients, as well as diet and lifestyle can affect your skin. I will also test your skin for sensitivity.

Acne is one of those words that sends a shiver down the spine of many.  The fact is, the vast majority of people will experience some type of acne in their lifetime, but some will suffer more than others. If you, or someone you love, fall into the second category, then you need to do something about it!


Acne Consultation with Treatment

Includes the Acne Consultation along with the Acne Treatment.

At this appointment, we will discuss everything about acne and how you can have clear skin. We will go over a packet of information which you will get to take home with you. During the Program, expect to come in for treatments every two weeks for the first two to three months to get you well on your way to clear skin.  

*Expect to Spend approximately $150 on your home care products at your first visit.


Acne Treatment

This is an individualized treatment according to your skin at the time.

This treatment will always include cleansing, exfoliation, and extractions. The method of exfoliation will depend on your skin’s needs at the time. 
(Program Clients)


*This treatment is only for clients who are currently on the Acne Program (all others see option below).

*Non Program Clients: This service is available only as a one-time treatment.

Deluxe Acne Treatment

Includes the basic Acne Treatment along with High Frequency and a 30 minute LED treatment.

(Program Clients)


LED Stand alone Program Clients


Acne Back or Chest Treatment

Independently or as an add-on to your chest or facial acne treatment.

Many individuals with face acne also experience acne on the chest and/or back. The protocol for these areas is different in that the skin is generally thicker and can withstand stronger products.

 (Program Clients) Face with Chest or Back


Back or Chest


Acne Treatments (non-Program Clients)

If you have acne but aren't sure the Program is for you, or you’re just not prepared to commit to the Program, acne treatments are available as indicated below:

Acne Treatment $115

Microneedling $250